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Unlock optimal vulva wellness with our specialized care approach. Tailored to factors of imbalance like age, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and others, our products maintain the perfect pH balance, preventing urogenital infections.

Every part of our body needs careful attention and a scientific approach, including the V zone. Many factors can disturb the natural balanced protective flora of the vaginal area, and if the disturbance is too great, these flora can no longer adapt, which may result in discomfort or vaginal infections. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge and maintain the pH of this area by avoiding the use of harsh, scented products that remove natural oils or moisture from the skin.


All VAGENTLE products are soap-free and have an adapted pH to suit your intimate zone.

Why should I use intimate soap?


As a UK-based feminine intimate care brand with production across Europe, we recognize that intimate health is a deeply personal and private matter. Therefore, we prioritize ensuring that our products are both effective and safe. The team of qualified scientists and pharmacists diligently work on developing unique formulas to deliver the most effective solutions for you. VAGENTLE is more than a brand - it's a commitment to your well-being.

"Our products are designed to empower you, offering not just care for your intimate health but a boost to your self-assurance."
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