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We're new and innovative intimate care brand, born within the walls of a pharmaceutical factory. Today, we've developed into a progressive brand, bringing new approach to your intimate hygiene.  

Owned by a woman, Vagentle understands the unique needs of women, delivering quality and care in every intimate moment. Our production process is a harmonious blend of modern innovation and time-honored practices. Sourced from across Europe, our carefully chosen ingredients symbolize the culmination of generations of knowledge in the medical and pharmaceutical field. Every product reflects our dedication to crafting solutions that address the very discomforts that inspired our inception.

At our core, Vagentle not only care about providing effective solutions but also about enhancing your overall experience. The design and texture of our soaps are paramount to us because we believe that the right product should not only perform but also delight the senses. Try it for yourself and feel the difference – we proudly declare to craft the softest intimate care products. Every touch is an invitation to pure pleasure, transforming your routine into a cherished self-care ritual. Feel the luxury of our products, where every moment becomes an act of self-love.

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We are the team 
Details matter 
Our distinctive features
Unique formulas 
High quality ingredients
Pharmaceutical background 
Cruelty free 

Our strength lies in crafting exclusive formulas, ensuring our products deliver unmatched performance

Our dedication to high-quality ingredients ensures excellence in every product.

With a foundation in pharmaceuticals, we bring specialized knowledge to our work

Choose compassion in your intimate routine; our cruelty-free stance reflects our commitment to ethical standards.

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